Thai Bar-Book

  • A premium, (paid), private social network
  • No development, hosting or site management fees, so a WIN WIN situation
  • Both bar owners and their girls earn money all the year round

Read on for further information…

What Exactly is a Thai Bar Book?

A Thai Bar Book is an exciting new way for Thai Girlie/Go Go Bar owners, Mama Sans and Bar Girls to go on to earn a regular good online income, even in the closed season or times like COVID that won’t cost you a single Baht to set up or manage, so a total Win Win Situation.

How does it work?

Quite simple really, with a Bar Book basically being a private social network, (very similar to Facebook), for your bar that your girls, (for a monthly subscription), can sign their punters up on, them telling them when they ask if they can add them as a friend on Facebook that Mama San won’t let them as they spend too much time on there, but they can keep in touch through the bars own Bar Book for only ฿1,000 a month, with the guy likely having been spending more than that a day to see the girl, him being unlikely to say no when the girl sends him her personal invitation link and signing up for an account on the bars Bar Book so he can keep in touch with the girls.

OK, but how do I and the girl earn money from this?

Quite simple really, with me being a web designer/developer with over 15 years of experience who would develop, host and manage your bars Bar Book site free of charge to you on the following terms:

1.     While I would develop, host and manage the technical side of your Bar Book website for no upfront fee and you would hold the intellectual property rights for the site, you would enter into a 5-year agreement with me where I would receive 1/3rd of the revenue your site brings through membership subscriptions for providing this service, with the remaining 2/3rd of the income going to you and the girl that signed the member up in whatever proportion you agree with them.

2.     As well as income from the monthly subscription to be a member of the site, your girls could also have a tips jar on their profile page, (a link that allows members to gift them money)

3.      If your girls wished, they could also have a pay per minute video chat facility, (that you would have full control of), on their profile pages that would allow them to earn per minute for having more “intimate” video chats with members.


Yes, but how is the money distributed?

That’s almost the easy bit, with the site membership income being automatically being distributed by a multi-level affiliation program that would be built into the website.

How this would work is that each girl would be given their very own affiliate link that they could pass onto clients, (in person or online), and if the client follows that link and joins the site, 2/3rds of their initial monthly membership, (I suggest ฿1,000 a month), and any further monthly subscriptions they pay will automatically be paid to the second stage affiliate’s account, (that would belong to you, the bar owner or Mama San), and out of that 2/3rds you can set whatever %  you like to get paid to the 3rd level affiliate, (my suggestion is 50%, 1/3rd of the total amount), to the girl that shared the link, something that makes sure we all earn money out of a member joining and remaining a member of the site.

With this, (the monthly membership fees), being the only income I would want a % of throughout our agreement, leaving you, (and your girls), to profit 100% out of the Pay Per Minute Video Chat and tips.

Pay Per Minute Video Chat?

For the premium chat you would need to set up and account on the Premium Chat website, with that website allowing you to set up a sub accounts to your account for your girls that wanted to do this, you then receiving 70% of any revenue from any pay per minute chats your girls have with site members, with their sub membership allowing them to have a live video chat widget like the one on the left on their website personal profile, so if they have a 20 minute video chat with a member through the app on their profile and you’ve set the per minute rate to £1 per minute, you would receive 20 x 70p, (£14.00), from Premium Chat for that video chat the girl had, you then being able to split that £14.00 with the girl in whatever % you agree on.

Although I would not want any part of this revenue, I would be there to help you set your account up, configure the individual chat widgets on the girl’s profiles and to sort out any technical issues you may have.

Profile Tip Jars

Each of the girls on the site could also have a Tip Jar on their profile that they could use to “solicit” tips from members they associate with through the site, especially at times such as on their birthdays.

Yes, but what are you doing for your 1/3 of the membership revenue?

Quite a lot actually:

1.     I would develop for you a bespoke fully featured premium membership social network site based on the BuddyBoss Platform Pro  and BuddyBoss  theme that would have many similar features as Facebook such as personal profiles, being able to post statuses, photo’s, videos, add friends, follow other members, send private messages, create groups, and much more, including the pay per minute video chat you don’t get on Facebook, with all your girls being given Moderator accounts that would allow them to have a major degree of control over the paying “client” members content.

The site would also be multi lingual, presenting itself in whatever language the site visitors browser was configured to. For example, if your girls view it in their browsers that are configured in Thai, the website will present itself in Thai, if the site visitor was from Sweden and his browser configured in Swedish, the site would be presented in Swedish, the same with other languages.

A typical commercial price for a site of this nature would be at least £20,000.

2.     Your website would also be converted into an app that would be available on Google Play Store and Apple Store for your girl’s clients to download and use, with creating an app of this nature from a website normally costing £5k +

3.     Your website would be hosted on a secure and scalable Virtual Private Server that utilizes the latest up to date hardware and software, with this hosting being updated with whatever resources were required for any level of membership and usage you may have, all at no cost to you.

4.     All general site maintenance, general and security updates will be carried out as required, with the site having a commercial standard security module and firewall.

Even for a small website, never mind a large complex and busy one like a Bar Book, for it to be hosted on a server of at least a similar standard to what I would host it on with a full maintenance agreement you would expect to pay anywhere between £100 and £500 a month, possibly more.

5.     Training & User Support

I would visit your bar and spend as long as it took registering your girls with Moderator accounts, setting up the multi-level affiliate accounts for you and your girls, plus issue the girls with their own personal affiliate links that they could share with their clients that will enable them to get paid their % of the membership subscription income from the members they introduce, and once I’d done that, with the help of a Thai speaking assistant, carry out a 1 day training session with your girls showing them how to manage their accounts and signed up members, with all them needing to do all this being a smartphone or tablet.

Even after the training, we will have an online support portal where you or any of your girls having a question or problems with the site or their account can contact us 24 hours a day, with this portal being in Thai and manned by native Thai speakers who know the system backwards who will assist and resolve any issues you or your girls may have.

OK, sound good so far, but much can I make out of a Bar Book then?

OK, let’s assume as an example you have 20 girls and they each sign up only 2 guys a month, that’s 40 guys signed up in the first month, and ฿40,000 brought in through membership subscriptions in the first month.

If we assume the same sign up rate, (each girl signing up 2 guys a month), and project that a year forward a year we get:

A total income through membership subscriptions of ฿3,080,000, with that assuming no members cancel their membership, (that some will), although it will be up to your girls to keep the guys interested, that meaning there would be ฿1,026,666.00 for you, ฿1,026,666.00 to be shared between your girls, and ฿1,026,666.00 for me for building, hosting, maintaining the site and all other support services for the year

How much would my girls earn each from that then?

Based on the above figures, if they sign up 2 members a month, (a low figure, I’d expect them to sign up more), by the end of the 1st year they would have signed up:

24 new members in the year and earning 24 x ฿333.00, (1/3rs of the ฿1,000 subscriptions they are bringing in, a total of ฿7992.00 each a month just for chatting on social media as they usually do anyway at the end of the 1st year.

And That’s Without Pay per Minute Video Chat?

Yes, and as I’ve said, any income from pay Per Minute video chat is between you and your girls, even though I would set up your account with Premium Chat, the girls sub accounts and chat widgets on their profiles, along with support on this part of your site, I would want nothing from this revenue stream the site would have, so let’s look at the figures here:

For 1 girl assuming that she only has 4 x 20 minute Pay Per Minute video chats a month @ £1 a minute.

From that, £80 a month would be the total revenue going in to Premium Chat from each girl, (in £ Sterling as that’s the base currency it works with, in Thai Baht at current exchange rates that would be ฿3375.00 a month, ฿40,522.00 in the year), with 70%, (less Premium Chat’s 30% handling charge), of that being ฿28,365.00 a year for each girl, yours to share with the girl in whatever proportion you have agreed with her.

Multiply that by 20, (20 girls), and you would be looking at ฿567,300.00 a year coming in from this that if shared with your girls on a 50:50 deal would mean you earning ฿283,650 per year from your 20 girls, and them earning ฿1181.89 a month for spending 1 hour 20 minutes in a video chat with Bar Book members a month.